Welcome to the CFC website.

This will be the go to place to help support your life as a clinical fellow while at Hopkins.


The mission of the CFC is to support the unique needs of clinical fellows by fostering professional growth, clarifying available resources and organizing social events. In the past, we have fallen under the Post-Doctoral Association, but this was confusing due to the differences between clinical (ACGME-associated) fellows and non-clinical (strictly research) fellows. Therefore, the CFC was formed under the office of GME to represent you better.

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For questions or concerns for the CFC please email us at: cfc@jhmi.edu or contact one of the council members below.

Photo Eva Valilis
Chair of the CFC
Photo Chris Fan
Vice Chair of Finance
Photo Abdulhameid Alfaddagh
Vice Chair of Research Affairs
Photo Eric Formeister
Vice Chair of Surgical Affairs
Photo Anum Minhas
Chair Emeritus
Photo Anjali Garg
Vice Chair of Diversity and Inclusion
Photo Simone Lescott
Vice Chair of Communications
Photo Jackie Kikuchi
Vice Chair of Bayview Affairs
Photo Victoria Giordani
Vice Chair of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
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