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Corporate Security Team Walking Escort Program

The Corporate Security team offers walking escort services 24/7 to all of our parking facilities and buildings on the East Baltimore campus. Please call 410-955-5585 or ask any of our officers to request an escort. Vehicle escort is available and will provide rides to and from the East Baltimore campus within certain boundaries during certain hours. Contact our Transportation Office at 410-502-6880 or visit the Security, Parking, and Transportation page for more details.

How to Find a Doctor

Yes, even though you ARE a doctor we know you need to SEE a doctor that is not yourself or your colleague/attending/resident. You can always go to University Health (UHS) for regular care or urgent appointments, but you do NOT have to. If you would prefer to establish a relationship with a PCP or other health professional you can always make an appointment just like any other patient. There are a number of JHCP practices in the area that take new patients. Just go to their website and find the doctor that is right for you. See the link below to doctors that other fellows/residents have seen.

If you want to find a physician that takes EHP, but is NOT affiliated with Hopkins you can go to the EHP site, log in, and search for a doctor in network.

How to Find a Dentist

Fellows have dental insurance at no cost to them. The plan is called CareFirst through BlueCross/BlueShield. To find a dentist who takes our insurance go to their website and create an account (you'll need your dental insurance card to sign up). Once you create an account you can search for nearby dentists that take the insurance and accept new patients. Below are a list of dentists whom fellows have used recently and accept our insurance.

Local Primary Care Physicians and Dentists Who Take Your Health Insurance

How to get Car Registered in Maryland

  1. Get car inspected. Once inspected only have 30 days to get car registered.
  2. Go to dmv website. Print form for "maryland title". Gather documents required for license. For registration will need title and proof of MARYLAND insurance so change your insurance state to new address before going. You are essentially trading in old state title for a maryland title then they will give you your registration with stickers and plates.
  3. Best DMV If you live near campus is Reisterstown Rd DMV.
  4. Get there 15 mins before opening to be early in line.
  5. Get new license (should be less than $100) then use that to get registered (about $200-300)

If you don’t register your car within 60 days of moving to maryland, you will have to pay a certain percent of tax (5-8%) on the price of the car when it was bought. This could be thousands of dollars. The clock starts for “moving to maryland” when you get your license so would recommend doing both license and registration all in one trip. If you don’t, just make sure to register within 60 days of getting your license to avoid paying an extra few hundred dollars.


Musculoskeletal pain is a major contributor to productivity loss, burnout and disability among surgeons, especially women. Using funds provided by the GME Office of Well-Being Small Grants program, we partnered with Baltimore yoga instructor Lily Dwyer Begg to put together a series designed specifically for surgeons. The videos aim to relieve chronic postural tension primarily in the neck, shoulders and chest. There are a series of 9 videos ranging in length from 7 to 49 minutes to be used pre-op, between cases, end-of-day and on the weekends accordingly. Please enjoy at the link below:

View Yoga Videos

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