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Moonlighting Opportunities

In order to moonlight in general you will need a Maryland License, Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substance Registration, and DEA registration. Links to these applications below. Also, see our guide for applying for a Maryland License here. Please email the coordinators below for the listed opportunities.

The Maryland Board of Physicians
Application Form

After you receive your license, please apply for:
Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substance Registration

and after you receive that, please apply for:
DEA registration

There are additional forms to fill out for each opportunity so please reach out to the below coordinators early if you are interested.

Hospitalist Service at JHH: Lisa Williams
Onocology services in Weinberg: Nancy Rosenberg
Bayview Moonlighting: Tiffani Panek

How to get a Medical License in Maryland

This is not a fast process so start early if you want/need a license. You can also use the FCVS (mentioned in the application form) for assistance with some of the documents you need, but the below steps do not include the use of that service.

The information can be found here.

The general steps are as follows:

  1. If you don't have a passport photo, now's the time to go get one for your application.
  2. Print this 30+ page form out, read it and fill it out.
  3. Fill out the first half of the IML2 supplemental form, scan it, and send it to your medical school, and ask them to mail it to the address on the form. Do the same with the IML3 supplemental form, but send it to your residency program.
  4. Get your fingerprints and criminal history records check. (The CJIS list of fingerprinting sites is outdated ). This can be done for ~$65 at Broadway Services (3709 E. Monument Street). This is transmitted electronically to the board.
  5. Go to, pay the $70 to mail your USMLE transcripts out to the Maryland medical board.
  6. Get your application notarized with passport photo for free either at the registrar's office in the Miller Research Building (Tuesdays/Fridays walk-ins) or someone else you know who is a notary.
  7. Mail out your application complete with $790 check by USPS (NOT UPS OR FEDEX - this is important - they will not mail it to a PO box). Do it at the USPS office next to the cafeteria.

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